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Wedding Basket 12" Ceremonial Traditional Style Copper Canyon Tarahumara Palm Weavers

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  • Wedding Basket Natural Leaves and Pine Needles and Natural Dyes 12" Unique
  • Wedding Basket Natural Dyes and Tarahumara Copper Canyon Native Patterns 12"
  • Culturally Rich Wedding Basket Natural Pigments Raramuri Designs of Nature
  • Natural Dyes Wedding Basket Made of Leaves and Yucca Strings 12" Spiritual and Nature Elements
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The Tarahumara are the native people who inhabit the Copper Canyon region of Chihuahua Mexico in the Sierra Madre range. Basket weaving and split leaves dyeing tradition has been passed down mainly from mother to daughter for over 300 years. Working principally with the natural resources at hand, The Tarahumara women weave baskets using needles from the Apache Pine Tree and the split leaves of the Sotol Cactus. Using a double weave technique, these baskets are durable and will last a lifetime. Tarahumara and Raramuri indegenous inhabitants of the Copper Canyon weave from leaves and pine needles for daily use as bowls, containers, plates and baskets. Ceremonial baskets such as wedding baskets are also made as symbols of celebration of the couple's lives. Representing the mountains, streams, canyons and trees amongst other geography and topography of the natural surroundings of the union of the two souls and the merging of their spiritual lives and the mixing of the bloods through family.

Different than Native American Navajo wedding baskets the Copper Canyon baskets have a lesser religious and cosmological significance and interpretation. They are used as a gift to family and the closest to the marrying couple as a symbol of sharing their story, life, family and tradition to be remembered.


Size:  11-12"

Deep:  3-4"

Color: Natural pigmentation

Design: Unique patterns of interpretation

Composition: Pine needles, Yucca Leaves, Cacti leaves, Sumac leaves, Palm Straw


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