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Our Story and Our Mission


Fair trade provides a sustainable economy to preserve culture and stop exploitation.
Cut out the middleman, buy direct from the producer at great value.

Our project in Peru is about promoting and employing skilled artisans in need for a market place, upholding fair trade values, respecting local traditions and family structures. Nestled in a dusty street, in one of the poorest suburbs of Lima, surrounded by large factories and hillside slums, our artisan workshop in San Juan de Lurigancho employs and houses dozens of local families of skilled talented artists. Fair trade wages and a sustainable workplace environment have given confidence, pride, inspiration to the artists contributing to their cultural preservation of tradition, lifestyle and dignity.

As a result of the long-term relationships that we have nurtured with our artisan-partners, we have seen many improve their standard of living. Our endless objectives to improve quality and consistency along with marketing traditional crafts to a worldwide marketplace have driven Sanyork Fair Trade, Inc. to produce top of the line value gifts, accessories and apparel. Join us in celebrating the wonderful history and culture of the Andes, brought to us by our artisans who put their hearts and souls into all they’ve produced.

Here mutual respect and fair traded crafts don't cost more than other goods because the large percentage taken by the middle people is taken out. The cost remains the same as traditionally traded goods but the distribution of the cost of the product is different. Sanyork Fair Trade can prove that profits and socially and economically responsible working conditions are a feasible combination. Your world might not change through the purchase of fair trade products but for the producer of them it sure will. We believe you should be proud of what you buy.