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All material and content on this website is the sole intellectual property of Sanyork Fair Trade, Inc. As such, it may not be used by any party without our express written consent, and the unauthorized use of any material or content violates copyright and intellectual property laws. Please note that our receipt of an order via website, email, post/mail, fax or telephone and our confirmation of its receipt do not constitute acceptance or guarantee fulfillment of that order. While we diligently strive to fulfill all our orders as efficiently as possible, we cannot promise that the items featured in our limited edition, artisan-crafted, seasonal collections will be permanently available. In addition, we don’t assure that the items shipped will be identical to our featured products. Artisan crafted products may change occasionally in color, detail and style to the stock images we use in our website. We hope our customers understand the nature of those variations due to the craftsmanship of the individual producer.