Woven Wool Striped Cajamarca Coin Purse 3" x 4" Zippered

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  • Hand Loomed Coin Purse Wool Striped with Zipper
  • Assorted Coin Purse Wallet ID 3" x 3.75"
  • Natural Dyes Wool Hand Woven Coin Purse Zippered
  • Assortment Hand Woven Coin Purse Zippered Striped 3" x 3.75"


Clutch, small Peruvian bag, cosmetic bag, purse, festival style, handmade, wool bag from Peru, bohemian bag, colorful bag, hipster

Woven on a back strap loom, this coin purse wristlet in hues of primary colors and earth tones is hand-crafted from fine virgin wool dyed with natural pigments. 

Now we see this technique in coin bags. Measurements: Length: 4" Width: 3.5 " Each coin purse is handmade and size may vary.

Hand-dyed with the cochineal insect to achieve the red hue, the yanali plant for the yellow, and the away pilli plant for the intense shade of midnight. The design is called “pallay sayllaccocha.” This elegant yet simple design represents a type of lush lake plant, known as algas sayllas, as well as the abundance of sacred lakes that are a natural feature of the landscape of some high Andean communities.

coin purse has been hand woven
Handmade embroidery with vibrant colors
Protected with a liner to enhance durability of the coin purse.
Perfect size for your coins.
Each coin purse is unique.
3"x 4"
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