Headband Wide Cotton Assortment Adjustable Elastic Artisan Made

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  • Wide Cotton Headband Bonet Cover One Size Multicolored
  • Assortment of Colors and Patterns
  • Headband Cotton Expandable in Assorted Colors
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  • These Peruvian alpaca knit headbands are perfect for keeping your hair back while adding a splash of color to your wardrobe, they are strechable and fit comfortably.
  • Introducing our Peruvian Alpaca Snow Flakes headband in large. Perfect for people with big hair or dreadlocks. 
  • ALL IN ONE,  durable wide headbands can be stretched to ANY size. Made from soft light material. This headband can be worn for all occasions, dressy, casual, sporty etc...
  • Many different  Colors
  • Snowflake Design
  • Winter outdoor Comfort
  • One Size Fits ALL
  • Can Be Worn For All Occasions
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