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Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us

There are Angels amongst us and some will touch your life at one time or another. Angels of hope and opportunity in the life of people in spiritual need or the ones who have lost hope to give them a thread of light to open a window with possibilities. Sometimes love, other times hope or connect them to a path to succeed in finding a better life.

Our workshop sits amongst hundreds of factories in the middle of a gigantic city filled with millions of people, struggling to make a living in the complexity of a country divided by the lack of opportunity, poverty and the misery caused by the inaccessibility to quality education, poor health care, high crime and corruption throughout all aspects of society. A country divided with 80% poor and 18% educated and upper middle class and 2% living the dream class.

One place where having a square meal, the peace of mind of having any income at the end of the week or knowing that your kids will eat and sleep under a roof is a BIG DEAL. A place where just living is devastatingly hard and knowing that things will not get better ever seems really depressing and sad as you see yourself and your children struggle just to exist.

Angels come from different places with different purposes and here and then, every once in a while, one will touch someone's life to bring hope, opportunity and wisdom to them. A chance to reach a star, a path to a better life.

You may be one and you don't know it. Your spirit and the good in you will call you to help someone in need or to give hope and care and lend a hand to lift someone up and be an Angel for an instant or maybe a lifetime to be the light in the life of people in need.

Sanyork Fair Trade channels the support and good will of hundreds, thousands, of Angels that wish to help artisans overcome poverty. Talented individuals that over time have found the answer to their prayers and can sustainably support their families with dignity with their hands and their talents. Every time one clicks "Buy Now", that click will support our good cause. It will trickle down to every artisan seeking an opportunity, a mother supporting their children, a father buying the food for their family.

One day many years ago, my life crossed paths with souls in need living in poverty or needing a hand to lift them from their struggle to become self-sufficient. How or why I have attained that privilege to deserve these experiences is beyond me, but I breathe easy at night knowing that so many talented artisans can earn an income they deserve and my loyal employees can support their families with dignity and pride.

-Michel Kessler
Sanyork Fair Trade

18th Jun 2021 Michel Kessler

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