Beanie Colorado Flag Hand Knit 100% Alpaca Artisan Made Fine Warm and Light

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  • 100% Alpaca Knit  Beanie Colorado Flag Cap
  • 100% Alpaca Knit Beanie  Flag Ski Hat
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Alpaca at a Glance:

Lighter and Warmer than Wool

Luxuriously Soft to the Touch with a Silky Sheen

Comfortable and Versatile to Wear

Multiple Shades and Hypoallergenic


Hand knit Colorado flag beanie cap in 100% Alpaca yarn. Expandable one size in all natural fiber. 

Washable in cold water. Extremely soft, light and warm.


People come into our shop looking for alpaca products and tell us they bought an alpaca sweater 30 years ago and still wear it! They say their sweaters still look new after years of wear. (Camelid textiles found in 2500 year old Peruvian ruins are surprisingly good condition!)


Limited production in house, only two artisans make these beanies! You'll not find many around.

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